Sunday, March 11, 2012

Laundry and Other Necessary Evils

My laundry pile was much larger than this. 
This would have been manageable.

Normally, I love Saturdays.  A day where I get to sleep in, don't have to go to work, and can do whatever I want all day...what's not to love?  Well this Saturday, there was plenty not to love because it was Laundry Day.  Now, I can hear those of you who don't know Lainey too well thinking, "Well, isn't every Saturday laundry day?"  The simple answer is, "No, it's not."

Our heroine has a slightly different approach to laundry.  Like any red-blooded American female, I pride myself on having a fairly extensive wardrobe.  Extensive enough, in fact, that I have to trade out apparel from my dressers seasonally.  All four seasons will not fit in my closet, two dressers, one lingerie chest, and eight Ikea bookshelf baskets.  Yeah, I know that's a lot of clothing storage and it still doesn't cover it by half. 

Imagine this loaded with baskets full of clothing. 
That's only part of my clothing storage system.
But, before you start thinking I have a ridiculous amount of clothing which is obviously more than the average girl, be aware that most of my nearest and dearest female friends have some kind of seasonal rotation system.  Mrs. Mynd stores her spring and summer gear in the attic during winter and Gertie uses her spare bedroom as her closet.  That means she has two master bedroom closets full of the current seasons apparel and a spare bedroom (closet and room) full of the last season and upcoming season's clothing.  At my house, winter sweaters get folded and stored in four 18 gallon totes hidden in my guest room closet during the off season.

Did you know you could break one of these
 if you overload it with too many clothes?
But, I digress.  My point is I have a large wardrobe which allows me to take some liberties with laundry day.  Laundry day is not a weekly event in my house.  I loathe doing laundry!  Saturdays would not be half as enjoyable or looked forward to if I knew I had three or four loads of laundry waiting to shackle me to the stackables in my upstairs hallway.  So, I let laundry go undone some weekends.  Sometimes, I let it go for multiple weekends.

While this lackadaisical approach (Yes, I spell checked lackadaisical and it was spelled correctly on the first try) to laundry frees up a lot of time on non-laundry weekends, it has consequences.  Yesterday, I faced those consequences head on in the form of several mountainous piles of laundry.  There was no more avoiding it.  It had to be done because I was out of socks and other unmentionables that I won't mention.
I know that was redundant, I don't care!

Five and a half hours, one load of whites, one load of colors, two loads of reds, and two loads of jeans later, I still wasn't done.  Laundry Day came to a close because I ran out of fabric softener, not because I ran out of laundry to wash.  Yes, I could have gone to the store and gotten more and yes, I had dryer sheets on hand as a back-up.  But, I had done six loads already and I was more than ready to stop for the day.  Luckily, I had someone who was willing to hang in with me via text messaging and keep me entertained and laughing throughout most of the ordeal. :-)

Thank goodness for insomnia!  It got laundry day restarted at 6 a.m. this morning.  A load of khakis are in the dryer and a load of darks are in the washer as I type.  I figure two more loads of colors and one more load of darks ought to finish out my laundry weekend. 

Folded and ready to be put away.

Don't judge!  Everybody has something they procrastinate in doing.  I only take procrastination to the extreme with laundry, it could be much worse.

 What necessary evil do you put off doing as long as possible?


  1. I procrastinate folding clothes...thus no one is allowed to enter the "Room of Fashion." And calling others out about their clothes hoarding doesn't make you less of a hoarder Miss. :)
    However I say as long as you have clean underwear, damn the man and let your laundry linger a bit longer! :)

    1. And that is why I love you! You support me in all things, even my procrastination. But, you also call me out when I need it. Sorry for outing your "room of fashion", but I wanted an example that made my closeted storage totes pale in comparison. My storage situation pales in comparison to your room of fashion. :-)

  2. Aaahhh! I just spotted a load of towels I forgot. Thinking some unlady-like thoughts right now.

  3. Laundry for 5 is always going, there is no such thing as monthly laundry.


    1. You have my sympathy. Maybe next time I'll just drop a load off at your house and see if it gets done before you notice it doesn't belong to any Mynd.