Sunday, June 17, 2012

Life Is Just Better With Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

I have been inspired by a friend's blog.  Mr. Mynd recently wrote a post over at It's My Mynd about the merits of peanut butter versus nutella.  Now, I do not wish to weigh in on the debate, as clearly peanut butter is better, but his blog was entitled, "Reese's Without Peanut Butter Is Just A Kiss".  This got me to thinking about an essential truth in my own life, this being that life is just better with Reese's peanut butter cups in the refrigerator.

As long as I have had a place of my own, there have always been Reese's peanut butter cups in my home.  Specifically, I always have Reese's peanut butter cups in my refrigerator.  This is a strange little quirk I picked up from my dear friend, Gertie.  Gertie shares my love of the Reese's (pronounced: ree-see-z) and prefers to keep her peanut butter cups in the refrigerator so that they are always cold.  It is her "go to" comfort food in a crisis, so when I got my own place a few years ago I started stocking my fridge with an emergency pack of Reeses's cups like any good best friend would do.  If Gertie was having a bad day, she could come over to my house and her comfort food of choice would already be chilled and waiting for her.

But, something funny happens when you're a girl experiencing PMS and you know that you have the magical combination of chocolate and peanut butter chilling in your fridge.  In case you are a member of the opposite sex and haven't figured out what happens yet, I'll fill you in: the Reese's cups disappear from the fridge.  Gertie's emergency stash of Reese's became my emergency stash of Reese's.  It has been faithfully restocked, as needed, for the last several years.

Around the holidays, something wonderful happens to Reese's products.  They broaden their horizons, they expand their product range, and they distribute some truly awesome mood-enhancing, spirit-lifting holiday candy.

At Halloween, the miniatures appear on store shelves
to brighten the lives of small children across the country.

Shortly before Valentine's Day, the fabulousness that are
the Reese's peanut butter hearts bring smiles to the faces of sweethearts.

Just before Easter, the delightful Reese's peanut butter eggs
make a very special appearance in my refrigerator for a few weeks.
This last holiday treat is my absolute favorite.  As soon as they arrive on the shelves of my local supermarket, I stockpile them like I am expecting a Reese's armageddon.  My local grocery store gets them in as soon as the Valentine's Day candies disappear, which gives me almost two months before Easter to enjoy the perfection that is the peanut butter to chocolate ratio of the Reese's peanut butter egg.

It is now two months after Easter and my stash of Reese's peanut butter eggs has finally been exhausted.  I rationed them as long as I could, but the supply has finally run out.  It made me a little sad to run out of Reese's, a fact which did not go unnoticed by my honey.  This weekend, we went to the grocery store to get food and supplies for having his friends over for dinner.  As we approached the checkout, my honey said he'd be right back and disappeared for a few moments.

He came back with a package of these.
A product remarkably similar to the Reese's Peanut Butter Egg.
He returned with a pack of Reese's Big Cup peanut butter cups, which have a chocolate to peanut butter ratio nearly identical to the peanut butter egg.  Now you know why I love this man.  His powers of observation and his attention to detail are second to none.  How can you not love a man like that?

♥ My Honey!


  1. We all love him. Fortunately in different ways.


  2. Aww, I love you, too, Lainey.  And I love making sure that you have as close to the proper ratio of PB to chocolate that I can.

  3. GertrudeHopsingerJune 18, 2012 at 2:20 PM

    My mom turned me on to the big cup in Florida when they had run out of trees at the grocery store last January. Awww great women and their Reese's cups. :)

    Summer tip: Use them in lieu of a chocolate bar when you make s'mores, MMMMMMMM!! Had it last week

  4. I don't love him - he cheers for the Caps!  :)

  5. LaineyLifeLessonsJune 19, 2012 at 1:51 PM

    Oh, no!  Who do you cheer for, Ponyboy?

  6.  Hey now, there is still time to join the Goodship Capital!  And, now that my interest is piqued, what team on skates do you root for Sodapop's little bro?

  7. Don't worry it's not the Pens.  

    The team I cheer for has had the first overall pick the last 3 years.  I grew up in Edmonton, and have cheered for them ever since.

    Tough cheering for a team like that if you aren't in the City, but better times ahead hopefully!

  8.  I can completely respect your Oilers.  Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, Anderson, Lowe, McSorley, Coffey, MacTavish, Grant Fuhr, Andy Moog, Dave Semenko...  I *wish* my team had a stretch as dominating as the Oilers in the early to mid 80's...

    And stupid Esa F%(*#%g Tikkanen...  missed an empty net against the Wings in our only trip to the Finals.  Had he scored, we would've won that game and possibly the Cup.  To Caps fans, Tikkanen is only a few steps behind that lazy sob Jagr and that crying spoiled brat Crosby in terms of hated players.

  9. I'm not a fan of Crosby either.  I would take him on the Oilers, but as a Canadian, his attitude and playing style isn't something to be too proud of.