Thursday, August 9, 2012

How the Olympics Got Me In Trouble

The International Olympic Committee clearly wasn't worried about my schedule when they planned the Opening Ceremony for this year's olympic games.  They're lack of thoughtfulness resulted in the Opening Ceremony taking place on the first night of my annual girls weekend at the beach.  The nerve of some people!

My honey and I had a debate going the week before the beach trip as it was about whether I would go or not.  It went something like this:

Honey:  "Go!  Have fun!  Spend time with the girls and I'll be here when you get back."

Me: "But, I'll miss you.  Plus, the Olympics will be starting.  I want to watch the Opening Ceremonies with you, here, on our couch."

Honey: "Go!  Have fun!  The Olympics and I will be waiting for you when you get back."

Yeah, he was super supportive of my getting away for the weekend.  He assured me that he would miss me like crazy, but that I should go.  A more suspicious woman would have been wondering what he had planned in my absence that made him so insistent that I should leave.  But, that's not really my style and I wasn't worried that he would be getting into any trouble while I was gone.  In my head the worst case scenario for him getting into trouble was that he'd drink all the beer in the fridge and fall asleep on our couch.  As I wanted the beer out of the fridge, I thought it was a win-win situation.

In a totally mushy girly moment of weakness, I had left my honey a series of notes around the house to find as he went about his evening when he got home from work and I was gone.  Some were practical, like the note on the mail that asked him to "Please mail us!" or the note on one of his mother's pans that she'd left behind on her last visit saying, "Please take me to your mother's house."  Other notes we're more cutesy, like the note in the fridge attached to his pitcher of iced tea that said "I love you and I miss you already." or the one I left on his pillow which among other things said, "Take care of my heart. I left it with you." Yes, I stole a quote from one of the Twilight books.  But, he didn't know that.  He just thought it was awesome.

I texted him to let him know about the notes and he replied that he would have to go on a scavenger hunt when he got home.  I should have stopped there.  That should have been the extent of our texting during girls weekend, but I am a weak, weak woman.  I wanted to tell him about what I was doing on my mini vacation.  I wanted to know what he was doing at home without me. Beyond the obvious of pining away for me and falling asleep snuggling my pillow.  I wanted to make sure the mortgage payment actually got mailed.  In short, I wanted to be with him and I wasn't.

This is how I got myself in trouble with the girls on vacation.  I texted back and forth with my honey for most of the trip.  I blame the Olympics!

Me: "I'm breaking the rules by texting, but the girls are picking crabs and are oblivious.  Plus, Mrs. Over The Bridge isn't here to scold me yet."

Honey: "What's this? A no texting the boys rule? Well, its a good thing that I'm in love with a rebel."

With those words, the flood gates were open.  I texted about the crab feast we attended.  He texted about what he was having for dinner.  He texted as he found the notes around the house.  I texted him mushy "missing you already" thoughts.  But, the most fast and furious of the texting by far came once the Opening Ceremonies started.

We texted about the forging of the Olympic rings.

We texted about Mr. Bean joining the London Symphony Orchestra.

We texted about Queen Elizabeth's debut as a Bond girl.

We texted about the Queen parachuting in to the stadium.
"No way is that really her!"

Me: "The Queen and James Bond parachuted in?  Too cool!"

Honey: "I know! I'm half expecting James May, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and The Stig to be a part.  I'm not joking."

Me: "That would be cool.  And I'm getting teased again for texting. :)"

Honey: "Give them the raspberry!!!"

After the girls and I had gotten dressed for a night out and gone to dinner and later on to the bar, my honey and I still texted.  I texted him messages from the girls.

Me: "The girls would like me to inform you that I seem to have another boyfriend."

Honey: "Huh, what?"

Me: "Teen Wolf is texting me from the O's game. :)"

long period of silence

Me: "Okay, I find your silence after my joke scary."

long period of silence

Honey: "No, sorry. My phone decided to die on me."

Me: "Okay, as long as you don't think I replaced you in eight hours away."

Honey: "I wasn't worried.  I did raise an eyebrow, but that was the extent of it"

Me: "I told the girls he only likes me for my car. hehe"

We texted during the parade of nations.
Me: "A cheer goes up every time somebody's home nation walks out.  El Salvador got a huge cheer."

Honey: "A lot of Salvadorians in Delaware?  Who knew?"

Me: "One of the girls' friends."

Honey: "I'm assuming there will be a hearty and patriotic cheer for the good old USA?!?"

Me: "Depends on how heavy the pours get around here."

Honey: "Are you in a bar?"

Me: "Yes."

Honey: "That explains a bit."

Me: "The El Savadorians?"

Honey: "Indeed."

We texted when I couldn't hear what Paul McCartney was singing.  It was "Hey Jude" (Sir Paul's performance starts at the 3:31:51 mark in this link).  The texting continued til we both went to bed and started up again the next day.  In three days, we sent 289 texts (147 for me, 142 for him).  Yes, I counted.  We had a small wager going on who texted more.  At times, the girls threatened to take and/or cause harm to my phone.  But, that doesn't matter because I kinda got my wish about watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies with my honey.  We may have been apart, but thanks to modern technology we were still together.

Have you ever played the fool for love and taken a ribbing from friends for your foolish behavior?  Then, you know exactly what I'm talking about.


  1. I won't lie, I missed you terribly.  And my numerous texts were because of that.  But I was thrilled that you had such a great time?

  2. No question mark.  I had a great time.  But, I really, really missed you.

  3.  That question mark was a typo, it should've been a period...  Since I already knew how good a time you had. ;-)