Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Seven Months to "I Do!" and Save The Dates, Too

The wedding planning continues...

The Save The Dates (a "supposed" must to send to out of town relatives so they can make travel arrangements) have been ordered, shipped, and are now in my hot little hands.  I found this great website called Wedding Paper Divas that allows you to create and preview professional looking Save The Date cards, magnets, postcards, etc.  You name it, they've got it.

After trying out a few different styles, playing around with using different pictures, and generally just having a lot of girly fun with it, I think the finished product turned out well.  But, you be the judge.  I had them make it into a magnet so that all our friends and relatives can think about us every time they open their refrigerators for the next seven months.  That's a lot of thoughts and well wishes that will be coming our way as soon as I mail these out.

Yes, I am marrying a ginger!
  This does not phase me because I come from a family of gingers myself.

Other than that, I don't have too much to report on the wedding front.  Although, I did get to have some fun earlier this month.  I got my girls (my merry maids, if you will) together for a marathon session of playing dress up at the bridal boutique.  I had them try on every dress I was considering for the bridesmaid dresses and then let them have some say in which dress they preferred.  It was like having three life-size Barbie dolls  and two Skippers (the junior bridesmaid and flower girl were along for the ride, too).  Don't know what I mean?  Check out the photos below.
The girls vetoed this dress for being too wide in the hips.

This dress was very modern, but too short.

This dress was nice, but one of my girls didn't like the bust.

This is the one we decided we all liked. 
The flower girl (right) and junior bridesmaid
had a lot of fun playing dress up and they decreed that this would be their dress.
Good thing the bride approved!
The smiley faces are clearly to protect the identity of those who would rather not be seen trying on dresses in public.  Some pictures may have already been removed by the time you read this to protect an innocent little blog writer for getting a bridesmaid-driven smack down.  I took all my girls out for lunch afterward and the groom joined us.  The fact that I took everybody to his favorite Mexican place may have encouraged his attendance some, I admit.  My momma didn't raise no dummies.  I wanted him there so I made him an offer he couldn't refuse. :P
More wedding fun to come, so stay tuned. 
Or if you don't enjoy my wedding related posts...
Only six and a half more months of fun, so keep hanging tough.

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