Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Being A Domestic Goddess

And Other Things I Only Get To Do During The Summer

My honey and I are back from our trip to Hershey Park.  I can check one item off my summer to do list.  We had a great time riding almost all of the the roller coasters.  My honey's favorite roller coaster, the Wildcat, was out of commission while we were there and a lot of the other roller coasters had rolling shut downs during the day.  We ended up circling the park several times trying to see if this roller coaster or that roller coaster was up and running yet.  It was a lot of walking, but well worth it.  My favorite coaster, the Sooper Dooper Looper, had shut down while we were in line waiting to ride it earlier in the morning.  We checked back repeatedly throughout the day to see if it was running again and were disappointed over and over.  I convinced my honey that we should check one more time before leaving and was delighted to discover that it had just opened back up.  My honey rode it with me twice! 

Life may have been all bon bons and couch time for Peggy,
but that's not my idea of a day well spent.

Getting out of town immediately after school let out was a great idea.  Now, my honey is back to work and I'm at home - being a domestic goddess.  I guess the best term to describe me these days would be a "house girlfriend". I have all the responsibilities of a house wife, but without the ring.  Now, before you start envisioning me as Peggy Bundy sitting on the couch eating bon bons all day, let me say that I am taking a few classes this summer.  In fact, this week I have class every morning from 8:30 til noon.  But, I have the afternoons all to myself. 

My honey got a strange kick out of realizing I would be there to greet him when he got home Monday after work.  He liked it even more when he realized that I was going to have time in the afternoon to make his dream come true.  That's right.  I had time to go to the Verizon store and trade in my old standard definition cable box for a high definition cable box.  Oh, yeah.  There was one very happy man in my house that night. 

He couldn't wait to get his hands on the remote as soon as he walked in the door.  His big screen television now has high def programming.  I'm sure this will mean much more to my male readers than it does to me.  I was able to drag him away from the T.V. long enough to go out for dinner, but my honey was glued to the couch watching season two of Game of Thrones as soon as we got back.  Apparently, our busy dating schedule and my previous lack of HBO led to him miss the entire season.  Now with our cable upgrade, he's watching two episodes a night to get caught up.

But, I digress.  Being a domestic goddess during the summer is kinda fun.  I have the time to do a good job at all those little domestic chores that I usually race to get done or skip all together during the school year.  Monday, as I mentioned, I actually had time to deal with the cable company on the phone and in person.  I wasn't rushed.  I didn't get annoyed when things took a little longer than expected.  Turns out dealing with the cable company isn't that unpleasant of an experience when you actually have time to deal with them.

Yesterday, I had fun strolling through the grocery store.  I took my time selecting the best tomatoes, peppers, and onions.  I spent time standing in front of the refrigerated section deciding which flavors of Greek yogurt to get for my honey.  He's shown a preference for pomegranate lately, so I got him four of those and two blueberries (a perennial favorite) for good measure.  During the school year, grocery store trips are hurried affairs where I rush up and down the aisles, tossing stuff into the cart, and racing to get out of the store as quickly as possible.  But, in the summer, grocery shopping becomes a leisurely experience that I can enjoy.

I also had time to clean bathrooms, a chore that gets put off repeatedly until I can't stand the condition of any one given powder room in my home.  I purposefully decided to clean them yesterday. At any other time of year, I look around the bathroom while washing my hands and try to decide if I have enough time to clean the toilet and the counters or just scrub the toilet.  Yesterday, the downstairs powder room got cleaned from top to bottom, instead of piecemeal, giving me a real sense of accomplishment.

What will I do today?  Will I start the mountain of laundry?  Will I change the sheets on the bed?  Will I tidy up the living room?  Yeah, I'll have time to do all of that.

and I plan to make that dream a reality!

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